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TRKB Ep 9: Hair & Bullies & Thor

What’s there to say about Episode 9 of the #7 combo meal, extra saucy, straight shot pop culture inducing funkness of Dylan & Stoney. We talk comics from a corner and drop dusty elbows on pop culture subjects and love on some music…and of course…making you submit.



…to The Rolling Knee Bar.

This week we talk crazy on the Raw & Smackdown superstar shake up, get cozy in a comic corner discussing our picks of the week and what we thought of the Thor Ragnarok & Josh Brolin being cast as Cable in the upcoming Deadpool 2 flick-a-rooni.


Without further….cut myself off…here episode 9!

TRKB Ep 8: Wrestlemania Fallout & Hydra

Is it episode 8 already of The Rolling Knee Bar? Hell yeahhhh!

Pop culture wrestling is engrained in the blood of Dylan & Stoney. What do you expect from two dudes working in a comic book store?

This week’s episode is full of the fallout of Wrestlemania. The superstar shakeup is upon us so hear our predictions as well!

Submit. Submit. Submit!

TRKB Ep 7: HUMBLE. Wrestlemania Preview

Let’s just get it out of the way to kick off episode 7 of the most terrifying pop culture wrestling show of all time…ba-bay!

I mean in case you missed it on To Dylan, Love Stoney Vol 7, which you really shouldn’t have…Kendrick Lamar blesses us with the glorious hit, Humble. April 7th cannot arrive soon enough and I’m 1200% positive that it will be discussed or possibly even reviewed on the next Rolling Knee Bar… check that ish out…yo.

This week’s episode is chock full of awkward inappropriateness that is Dylan & Stoney & Owen Hart. Comics in the corner is back on the block like Young Jeezy…what do we think of Boom! Studios WWE Wrestlemania #1 Annual and our respective body slamming picks of the week, ya bish.

Stoney puts his belt on the line like Scarface’s nose on coke against Dylan in the Wrestlemania pick segment. Who will tap out? Who will…submit…submit…submit! to The Rolling Knee Bar! Now!

TRKB Ep 6: WWE Comic #3 Crossfaced


Oh, I see you’ve found the 6th edition of the ultimate in submissions…The Rolling Knee Bar.

This week’s episode is all about Matt Morgan. Ok, maybe Raw & Smackdown reviews and the infamous segment, Comics From The Corner.

And if you just came here for The Miz…you are not awwwwweeesommmme….but here you go anyways:

TRKB Ep 5: Grapplin w/ God…Comics

5 Episodes in and The Rolling Knee Bar…well…is rolling. In the big 5 episode anniversary¬†of The Rolling Knee Bar….wrestling is talked about, what is up with Dana Brooke? Is ACV all that? Will Stoney’s googly eyes for Luke Harper wreck the show? Is Dylan lost or fine?

Find out now on The Rolling Knee Bar!

TRKB Ep 3: Fastlane, Comics & Power Rangers

It’s funny how opportunity presents itself sometimes. Like who knows when you will have to wrestle in a dress? Or when you’ll be sitting on a couch? Or interviewing Becky G. and RJ Cyler from the upcoming Power Rangers flick?

I’ll let you guess which 2 we accomplished on the 3rd ever fantastical voyage that is The Rolling Knee Bar…or you can just sit back, put a little in the air and enjoy….


TRKB Ep 2: Build Up To Fastlane & Beef

Oh, it’s true…it’s DAMN true…this is the 2nd ever episode of the world renowned pop wrestling show…The Rolling Knee Bar with Dylan & Stoney.

In this week’s episode we debut “Comics in the Corner” and “Superstar of the Week”…yes, they are villainous! Also find out who Stoney is inadvertently or sincerely beefing with.