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To Dylan,

Green is the color I most enjoy seeing. A sign of health. Vitality. Most importantly…


April has that tendency to really boost my natural energy, it just feels like the winter is finally over. Kind of like Simon Gotch’s WWE run.

The theme of the 8th is coming up green. Window down, spring breezing jams for you to boogie down to.

Wale – “The Breeze” ft Wiz Khalifa

Feel that? Is it the feeling of the cool? Well…it should be. Wale, like every single To Dylan, Love Stoney, has a way to just zip lines through songs with Razor Ramon like precision. Plus a top of the cap to wrestling is always fun in his songs…”I’m smoking on that voodoo and that’s word to Papa Shango”.


Glass Animals – “Life Itself”

A new find! Thank goodness for new people to bring new things into life! I love discovering new bands then back catalog tracking. Glass Animals is one funky band with great sounds that pierce my ever jigging spirit.

I know you are doing your little dance, Dylan.

The Devil Makes Three – “Do Wrong Right”

My country roots led me to discover my affinity for bluegrass. The Devil Makes Three hails from all over the state’s but when together….”if you want to make a little mess, you wanna do a little crime…if you’re gonna do wrong better do wrong right.”

The road certainly doesn’t last forever!

Pepper – “Start You Up”

It’s sundown and you’re venturing out for the evening…what better song to get the night started than “Start You Up”. It’s that fresh of breath air, that growth in you to have the confidence to level up.

That’s it for the 8th insanely green To Dylan, Love Stoney. Make sure you hit up the Spotify playlist to ensure you don’t miss a week! Like 7 days, that’d be weak….like James Ellsworth.



You Are The BEST

There is a fine line between being confident, and being conceited. Just ask Ty Dillinger who was known to have confidence issues how it can impact how you perform or live. Being conceited will straight up stunt individual growth. Be humble.

Welcome to Volume 7 of the most wave worthy playlist ever…To Dylan, Love Stoney. Bite on in to this absolutely insane blend of melodies to submit, submit, submit to!

Kendrick Lamar – “HUMBLE.”

I know I tend to stick to throwbacks like The Revival for the TDLS playlist but holy Foley…this is the Kendrick I love. He shines on the track, waxes that ass and sits everyone down.

Jetpack Jones – “On Time”

On this Don Diestro produced track Jetpack reminds all that “everything happens on its’ own time…when it’s supposed to.” A slick reminder to not let that confidence of yours to get shook and things will happen as they should. If you keep your head down you never know what you’ll miss.

Nina Simone – “Feeling Good”

If you haven’t been watching Legion on FX then I can’t help you. Or your confidence. Aubrey Plaza is absolutely brilliant, like Mark Henry fake retirement speech brilliant. So catch the show, get feeling good. Enjoy the Aubrey dance video and check out the Spotify playlist for the original version of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone.

Wale – “The Girls On Drugs”

Insecurity breeds lack of confidence, or is it vice versa. I can’t tell them apart like the Usos. Ever so introspective Wale speaks on the hunger that some females show when wanting to be seen…heard…loved.

“Let me tell you about the women I be chilling with,
Told me nobody love her, that’s why she cut her wrist,
Not close enough for the hospital but cut it close,
That’s why she want to get high cuz she be feeling low,
Told me pour me a vodka, pill and little smoke,
So I could numb her insides and we will never know”

Find your inner confidence, find your light, stay humble and listen to To Dylan, Love Stoney right here on the Spotify playlist!




Why are there “3 i’s to my alumnis”? What is hiiiPower? Does this involve hiiiFlyer Rob Van Dam?

The advent of hiiiPower was given birth by TDE’s own, Ab-Soul. According to Kendrick Lamar, in an interview with, hiiiPower is much greater than it appears:

“Hiiipower: the three i’s represent heart, honor and respect. That’s how we carry ourselves in the streets, and just in the world, period. Hiiipower, it basically is the simplest form of representing just being above all the madness, all the bullshit. No matter what the world is going through, you’re always going to keep your dignity and carry yourself with this manner that it don’t phase you. Whatever you think negative is in your life. Overcoming that and still having that self-respect.”

Ever since I heard the first song of this playlist I was hooked like the Mandible Claw in Triple H’s grill. Without further ado I bring to you the 6th volume of To Dylan, Love Stoney: hiiiPower.

Kendrick Lamar – “hiiiPower”

The blueprint for hiiiPower! A wise man (yes, Kendrick) once said…”build your own pyramids, write your own hieroglyphs”. How does that resonate with you? Are you following your own path or just following the path laid out in front of you by others? Watching Iron Fist this reminds me of Joy Meachum, would she be at Rand if her family didn’t push her that way? I don’t think so.

Isaiah Rashad – “Wat’s Wrong” ft Kendrick Lamar & Zacari

Isaiah is one of the fresher TDE acts but dude just hits it out of the park everytime and his bars keep pace with the other great acts in TDE. Just take a listen and tell me you don’t want more. Up and coming like Cien.

Wale – “Keep It Moving” ft Ab-Soul & Magazeen

Although you won’t find this track on the Spotify playlist (see below), the whole Festivus album by Wale is James Worthy of a download, big game. This particular track features back and forth bars by Wale and Ab-Soul with a delightful last verse by legend Magazeen. What are you waiting for? Keep it moving and listen already!

Schoolboy Q – “Birds & The Beez” ft Kendrick Lamar

My favorite Schoolboy Q song. Birds & The Beez hits hard with more bromance than Breeze and Fandango. Q goes in with the realism that is life on the street and what that could mean to his family and how he recognizes that life is wrong…but it’s survival. Kendrick comes in to remind Q that all he wants his for him to succeed for his family. “Blue pill, red pill, choose now…birds or the beez”.

I sincerely hope that music helps you someway in life and reminds you of what you are capable of. Thanks for listening to the 6th installment of To Dylan, Love Stoney. Check out the hiiiPower of the Spotify playlist right herrreee…




Volume 5 is majorly here, did you ever think To Dylan, Love Stoney would become so…so meaningful? Maybe, I did. It’s a pretty cosmic Thing like Guardians of the Galaxy.

I’ve been thinking about balance a Tugboat load lately, and I’m not even talking Typhoon.

Natural disasters come and go…just live on…mannnnn. I came across the flick “In Search of Balance” on Netflix, I am a documentary fiend, and was moved a certain way. Not in the way that Dylan is moved when I “accidently” touch his hand. We need more awareness on how the earth can truly feed all of us if we take care of it in return. Check out the trailer, ay!

Now to the mixtape of the century!

“Time to Wake Up” – Mike Love

I just had to go back to the Audiotree well for this awakening! Just listen and focus. To your body. To your mind. To your heart. Wake up those feelings you have and go about your day realizing those feelings and living with them instead of against them. Be brave!

“I’m Gonna Live, I’m Gonna Love” – Jimmy Cliff

How could you not balancing out your day without living and loving? We can all get so caught up in and consumed in “hating” that we forget to love. Show love. Feel love. Dude Love.

“Black is GOLD” – Wale

Celebrate yourself and who you are. Balance is a community thing as much as a personal thing, men and women and their roles need balance more than anything. What is a females typical role and what is a males typical role? There should be no line.

“Foldin Clothes” – J. Cole

…roles! No line. No ceilings. And if you haven’t listened to the best album of 2016 in “4 Your Eyez Only” by Cole…than I just don’t know what you are doing! Relationships need balance as well, so why not fold clothes fellas?

Hey thanks for listening, reading and rolling with me. Enjoy the full complement of songs on the Spotify playlist as well, except “Black is Gold”…Spotify needs to step up their mixtape game!

Grow into the music and submit to the cosmic calf crushing To Dylan Love Stoney.



Ps. Watch “In Search of Balance” on Netflix during your Iron Fist binge…or whatever.




Be You

Sometimes the toughest thing in life is being you. Sure being you and who you truly are may cause people to cringe…just as long as it’s not harming anyone or acting like The Miz….cool. Just follow your own path while still being mindful of others.

I enjoy songs that remind me of certain behaviors we are all prone to Xzibit….Stoney is here to pimp your playlist.

Wale – “The White Shoes”

How can I not start off with a sleek ass beat by Pro Reese, banter by Jerry Seinfeld and the poetic genius in Wale? Just have to. A co-worker, recently, the kind of the Ginger variety said that only old people watch Seinfeld? IS THAT TRUE?

Forget that. The White Shoes was picked because people will hate. It’s in their blood…I learned that from Jermaine Dupri. Their hate shouldn’t form who you are? Think about that. Their negative energy is creating you? Impacting your life, your decisions, your everything.

Follow your own path…not the buzzards.

Big K.R.I.T. – “The Vent”


What a song right? What a stunning visual presentation huh? Big K.R.I.T. is the Sami Zayn of the hip hop scene. Consistently delivers, does it genuinely with all his heart and is madly underappreciated by everyone at the upper levels.

But I hear you dude…therefore a BONUS VIDEO of one of my favorite songs ever…and it’s not on Spotify!

I know you’ve been down so long
So I’ll be stronger for you
I know you’ve been down so long
Cause I’ve been down too
Yes I understand
What you’re going through
Yes I understand
Cause I’m going through it too

Rebelution – “Courage To Grow”

What a jam. A soul searching kind of song just to get you to think about your life. Is it what you want?

“But I hope you take the road less traveled,
And I hope you find the courage to grow”

This surely won’t be the last the you’ll hear of Rebelution on To Dylan, Love Stoney…such an uplifting group.

Raging Fyah – “Barriers”

Who loves Barriers more than me? Maybe Roman Reigns? He seems like a good dude so I’m cool with us both trying to remove barriers in our special ways.

I am so happy AudioTree Live showcased Raging Fyah and thus introducing me to a band that’s in constant rotation. Check out their AudioTree Live version of “Barriers” on the Spotify Playlist!

That’s it for the sweet, sweet nectar of To Dylan, Love Stoney Volume 4…submit to being you!







Always forward, moving ahead. My memory isn’t hateful, I’m just too focused on right now and moving forward.

I do remember the important moments though, like wrestling….unlike Goldberg who absolutely forgot how to wrestle.

With that being said…let’s get to some jams that express just being of the mindset to push through and ride on out in life…like you are actually LIVING.

Bob Marley – “Keep On Moving”

Maybe it’s 2 volumes too many to NOT have some Marley. Push through the negative energies and get to your life the way you want to live it.

Kendrick Lamar – “Ab-Soul’s Outro” ft Ab-Soul & Terrace Martin

Section.80 by Kendrick Lamar may just very well be my favorite EP of all time. No lie. Most of it will find it’s way onto the new Spotify playlist…in due time.

Ab-Soul absolutely waxes his life illuminating poetics on the outro – duh, thus the name of the song. Anybody else miss Big V’s poems? I know i do.

Just really listen to the song and what is being said is what I’m trying to say. It’s beautiful with bars like this:

“What’s your life about, enlighten me, is you gonna live on your knees or die on your feet? Take out that student loan and pay off your college degree, and do exactly what you see on TV.”

 Fortunate Youth – “Long One”

 In life and wrestling sometimes you just have to suck it up knowing that it will be a long, strange trip to get to where you want to be. Live that journey knowing you aren’t alone.

Unlike Baron Corbin.

Wale – “The Power”

The closer of volumes…Wale. “The Power” puts the power back inside you with a verbal slam. Or TJ Duckett in his prime. How you doin?

Reminder to follow the Spotify playlist to get the complete To Dylan, Love Stoney experience!

Be good, live good, do good.




What’s motivation to you Dylan? Or you out there randomly googling rolling knee bars?

Music to Dylan and I plays a pretty major role in our lives. We are…fiends, of the musical variety. I’m a big fan of motivational songs, because…well it can only increase positive thoughts and thus positive behaviors. What you love is motivation, and motivation is music, family, friends…whatever you find solace in.

Music = Love

And with that short rambling I present Volume 2 of the most Johnny Laurinaitis power to the people-esque mixtape in the history of goblins…

Pepper – “The Invite”

Mellow as anything with a resounding message:

Take action, make it happen,
what are you waiting for?
Too much talking, too much knocking,
Just kick down the door

T.I. – “Motivation”

I mean…it’s a shoe in from the self proclaimed “King”. Matter of fact if the crown fits, rock it…why not think yourself to success? It’s a 10 like Tye Dillinger.

King Los – “God Money War”

Man, going from “King of the South” to one of the most underrated but skilled rappers in the game…King Los. One line in this song has been on replay in mind and motivated me to make Big Show heavy changes to my life…

Climb the mountain top and wake your dreams up…

Go Baltimore

Wale – “The Motivation (Be Right)”

Did you really think I’d forget my Oath to include Wale on every mixtape? Gloomy days are going to come, no doubt…just keep pushing back because…well…life keeps moving and you have no choice not to. Live your life.

I wonder if Eric Young feels the same way…

Until next week…work that knee bar magic…



Valentine’s Delight

On this first ever, Glorious like Bobby mixtape…I dedicate the theme to my Valentine-less nudge of a co-host, Dylan.

And don’t you worry, this is only Volume 1 of the most high flying, neck breaking musical presentation in the history of knee bars.

Wale – “The Break Up Song”

I swear I will never leave Wale off of any mixtape. The Poetic Genius brings a fresh perspective on expectations in a relationship, compared to the realistic nature of the beast.

Ty Dolla $ign – “Work”
Ft. Casey Veggies, Twista & Nate Poetics

Don’t be deceived by the minutes, this song is basically a 2fer. Ty and crew get past the break up only to see the other side crawl back after success. Make yourself!

Mike Love – “Distant Travelers”

Mellowing out? Get in your groove with Mike Love, keep your head up and let life carry you forward….always forward. Like a drop kick.

Steve Miller Band – “The Joker”

…because why not close out with SMB? It’d just be plain wrong not to. The exact kind of wrong having a potential Goldberg vs Lesnar Title Match.

“I really love your peaches wanna shake your tree…”