To Dylan,

Green is the color I most enjoy seeing. A sign of health. Vitality. Most importantly…


April has that tendency to really boost my natural energy, it just feels like the winter is finally over. Kind of like Simon Gotch’s WWE run.

The theme of the 8th is coming up green. Window down, spring breezing jams for you to boogie down to.

Wale – “The Breeze” ft Wiz Khalifa

Feel that? Is it the feeling of the cool? Well…it should be. Wale, like every single To Dylan, Love Stoney, has a way to just zip lines through songs with Razor Ramon like precision. Plus a top of the cap to wrestling is always fun in his songs…”I’m smoking on that voodoo and that’s word to Papa Shango”.


Glass Animals – “Life Itself”

A new find! Thank goodness for new people to bring new things into life! I love discovering new bands then back catalog tracking. Glass Animals is one funky band with great sounds that pierce my ever jigging spirit.

I know you are doing your little dance, Dylan.

The Devil Makes Three – “Do Wrong Right”

My country roots led me to discover my affinity for bluegrass. The Devil Makes Three hails from all over the state’s but when together….”if you want to make a little mess, you wanna do a little crime…if you’re gonna do wrong better do wrong right.”

The road certainly doesn’t last forever!

Pepper – “Start You Up”

It’s sundown and you’re venturing out for the evening…what better song to get the night started than “Start You Up”. It’s that fresh of breath air, that growth in you to have the confidence to level up.

That’s it for the 8th insanely green To Dylan, Love Stoney. Make sure you hit up the Spotify playlist to ensure you don’t miss a week! Like 7 days, that’d be weak….like James Ellsworth.



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