TRKB Ep 7: HUMBLE. Wrestlemania Preview

Let’s just get it out of the way to kick off episode 7 of the most terrifying pop culture wrestling show of all time…ba-bay!

I mean in case you missed it on To Dylan, Love Stoney Vol 7, which you really shouldn’t have…Kendrick Lamar blesses us with the glorious hit, Humble. April 7th cannot arrive soon enough and I’m 1200% positive that it will be discussed or possibly even reviewed on the next Rolling Knee Bar… check that ish out…yo.

This week’s episode is chock full of awkward inappropriateness that is Dylan & Stoney & Owen Hart. Comics in the corner is back on the block like Young Jeezy…what do we think of Boom! Studios WWE Wrestlemania #1 Annual and our respective body slamming picks of the week, ya bish.

Stoney puts his belt on the line like Scarface’s nose on coke against Dylan in the Wrestlemania pick segment. Who will tap out? Who will…submit…submit…submit! to The Rolling Knee Bar! Now!

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