You Are The BEST

There is a fine line between being confident, and being conceited. Just ask Ty Dillinger who was known to have confidence issues how it can impact how you perform or live. Being conceited will straight up stunt individual growth. Be humble.

Welcome to Volume 7 of the most wave worthy playlist ever…To Dylan, Love Stoney. Bite on in to this absolutely insane blend of melodies to submit, submit, submit to!

Kendrick Lamar – “HUMBLE.”

I know I tend to stick to throwbacks like The Revival for the TDLS playlist but holy Foley…this is the Kendrick I love. He shines on the track, waxes that ass and sits everyone down.

Jetpack Jones – “On Time”

On this Don Diestro produced track Jetpack reminds all that “everything happens on its’ own time…when it’s supposed to.” A slick reminder to not let that confidence of yours to get shook and things will happen as they should. If you keep your head down you never know what you’ll miss.

Nina Simone – “Feeling Good”

If you haven’t been watching Legion on FX then I can’t help you. Or your confidence. Aubrey Plaza is absolutely brilliant, like Mark Henry fake retirement speech brilliant. So catch the show, get feeling good. Enjoy the Aubrey dance video and check out the Spotify playlist for the original version of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone.

Wale – “The Girls On Drugs”

Insecurity breeds lack of confidence, or is it vice versa. I can’t tell them apart like the Usos. Ever so introspective Wale speaks on the hunger that some females show when wanting to be seen…heard…loved.

“Let me tell you about the women I be chilling with,
Told me nobody love her, that’s why she cut her wrist,
Not close enough for the hospital but cut it close,
That’s why she want to get high cuz she be feeling low,
Told me pour me a vodka, pill and little smoke,
So I could numb her insides and we will never know”

Find your inner confidence, find your light, stay humble and listen to To Dylan, Love Stoney right here on the Spotify playlist!



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