Why are there “3 i’s to my alumnis”? What is hiiiPower? Does this involve hiiiFlyer Rob Van Dam?

The advent of hiiiPower was given birth by TDE’s own, Ab-Soul. According to Kendrick Lamar, in an interview with hiphopdx.com, hiiiPower is much greater than it appears:

“Hiiipower: the three i’s represent heart, honor and respect. That’s how we carry ourselves in the streets, and just in the world, period. Hiiipower, it basically is the simplest form of representing just being above all the madness, all the bullshit. No matter what the world is going through, you’re always going to keep your dignity and carry yourself with this manner that it don’t phase you. Whatever you think negative is in your life. Overcoming that and still having that self-respect.”

Ever since I heard the first song of this playlist I was hooked like the Mandible Claw in Triple H’s grill. Without further ado I bring to you the 6th volume of To Dylan, Love Stoney: hiiiPower.

Kendrick Lamar – “hiiiPower”

The blueprint for hiiiPower! A wise man (yes, Kendrick) once said…”build your own pyramids, write your own hieroglyphs”. How does that resonate with you? Are you following your own path or just following the path laid out in front of you by others? Watching Iron Fist this reminds me of Joy Meachum, would she be at Rand if her family didn’t push her that way? I don’t think so.

Isaiah Rashad – “Wat’s Wrong” ft Kendrick Lamar & Zacari

Isaiah is one of the fresher TDE acts but dude just hits it out of the park everytime and his bars keep pace with the other great acts in TDE. Just take a listen and tell me you don’t want more. Up and coming like Cien.

Wale – “Keep It Moving” ft Ab-Soul & Magazeen

Although you won’t find this track on the Spotify playlist (see below), the whole Festivus album by Wale is James Worthy of a download, big game. This particular track features back and forth bars by Wale and Ab-Soul with a delightful last verse by legend Magazeen. What are you waiting for? Keep it moving and listen already!

Schoolboy Q – “Birds & The Beez” ft Kendrick Lamar

My favorite Schoolboy Q song. Birds & The Beez hits hard with more bromance than Breeze and Fandango. Q goes in with the realism that is life on the street and what that could mean to his family and how he recognizes that life is wrong…but it’s survival. Kendrick comes in to remind Q that all he wants his for him to succeed for his family. “Blue pill, red pill, choose now…birds or the beez”.

I sincerely hope that music helps you someway in life and reminds you of what you are capable of. Thanks for listening to the 6th installment of To Dylan, Love Stoney. Check out the hiiiPower of the Spotify playlist right herrreee…



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