I am on a Y2J role lately if you’ve rolled along with Knee Bars and have paid attention. In my humble opinion, this latest run has absolutely been his best work in a while. I did enjoy the Punk – Y2J feud, thought it was pretty intense between the two best talkers at the time. But right now…killing….it.

Y2J is the Apple Cider Vinegar of the WWE. Drink it in, mannnnn.

ACV is loaded with a plethora of health benefits on the inside and outside. Drink a tbsp. of ACV a day and assist your body in balancing its’ natural acidity and aids in digestion.

How do I ingest my ACV? Well since baking with it kills all the goodness, I drink mine (2 tsp)….with water (20 oz)…and matcha (1 tsp)…and fresh lemon juice. Do not drink it straight since that ish will burn the throat and leave you like Kane. I also enjoy mine while listening to….

I’m not just a talking head…I do this.

Another rad treatment with ACV is mixing a touch with your Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. It’s awesome for the face and with fu manchus…


Don’t be scared…of my face or ACV. Go…get…go get some today! Ay!


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