Volume 5 is majorly here, did you ever think To Dylan, Love Stoney would become so…so meaningful? Maybe, I did. It’s a pretty cosmic Thing like Guardians of the Galaxy.

I’ve been thinking about balance a Tugboat load lately, and I’m not even talking Typhoon.

Natural disasters come and go…just live on…mannnnn. I came across the flick “In Search of Balance” on Netflix, I am a documentary fiend, and was moved a certain way. Not in the way that Dylan is moved when I “accidently” touch his hand. We need more awareness on how the earth can truly feed all of us if we take care of it in return. Check out the trailer, ay!

Now to the mixtape of the century!

“Time to Wake Up” – Mike Love

I just had to go back to the Audiotree well for this awakening! Just listen and focus. To your body. To your mind. To your heart. Wake up those feelings you have and go about your day realizing those feelings and living with them instead of against them. Be brave!

“I’m Gonna Live, I’m Gonna Love” – Jimmy Cliff

How could you not balancing out your day without living and loving? We can all get so caught up in and consumed in “hating” that we forget to love. Show love. Feel love. Dude Love.

“Black is GOLD” – Wale

Celebrate yourself and who you are. Balance is a community thing as much as a personal thing, men and women and their roles need balance more than anything. What is a females typical role and what is a males typical role? There should be no line.

“Foldin Clothes” – J. Cole

…roles! No line. No ceilings. And if you haven’t listened to the best album of 2016 in “4 Your Eyez Only” by Cole…than I just don’t know what you are doing! Relationships need balance as well, so why not fold clothes fellas?

Hey thanks for listening, reading and rolling with me. Enjoy the full complement of songs on the Spotify playlist as well, except “Black is Gold”…Spotify needs to step up their mixtape game!

Grow into the music and submit to the cosmic calf crushing To Dylan Love Stoney.



Ps. Watch “In Search of Balance” on Netflix during your Iron Fist binge…or whatever.




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