Be You

Sometimes the toughest thing in life is being you. Sure being you and who you truly are may cause people to cringe…just as long as it’s not harming anyone or acting like The Miz….cool. Just follow your own path while still being mindful of others.

I enjoy songs that remind me of certain behaviors we are all prone to Xzibit….Stoney is here to pimp your playlist.

Wale – “The White Shoes”

How can I not start off with a sleek ass beat by Pro Reese, banter by Jerry Seinfeld and the poetic genius in Wale? Just have to. A co-worker, recently, the kind of the Ginger variety said that only old people watch Seinfeld? IS THAT TRUE?

Forget that. The White Shoes was picked because people will hate. It’s in their blood…I learned that from Jermaine Dupri. Their hate shouldn’t form who you are? Think about that. Their negative energy is creating you? Impacting your life, your decisions, your everything.

Follow your own path…not the buzzards.

Big K.R.I.T. – “The Vent”


What a song right? What a stunning visual presentation huh? Big K.R.I.T. is the Sami Zayn of the hip hop scene. Consistently delivers, does it genuinely with all his heart and is madly underappreciated by everyone at the upper levels.

But I hear you dude…therefore a BONUS VIDEO of one of my favorite songs ever…and it’s not on Spotify!

I know you’ve been down so long
So I’ll be stronger for you
I know you’ve been down so long
Cause I’ve been down too
Yes I understand
What you’re going through
Yes I understand
Cause I’m going through it too

Rebelution – “Courage To Grow”

What a jam. A soul searching kind of song just to get you to think about your life. Is it what you want?

“But I hope you take the road less traveled,
And I hope you find the courage to grow”

This surely won’t be the last the you’ll hear of Rebelution on To Dylan, Love Stoney…such an uplifting group.

Raging Fyah – “Barriers”

Who loves Barriers more than me? Maybe Roman Reigns? He seems like a good dude so I’m cool with us both trying to remove barriers in our special ways.

I am so happy AudioTree Live showcased Raging Fyah and thus introducing me to a band that’s in constant rotation. Check out their AudioTree Live version of “Barriers” on the Spotify Playlist!

That’s it for the sweet, sweet nectar of To Dylan, Love Stoney Volume 4…submit to being you!





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