What’s motivation to you Dylan? Or you out there randomly googling rolling knee bars?

Music to Dylan and I plays a pretty major role in our lives. We are…fiends, of the musical variety. I’m a big fan of motivational songs, because…well it can only increase positive thoughts and thus positive behaviors. What you love is motivation, and motivation is music, family, friends…whatever you find solace in.

Music = Love

And with that short rambling I present Volume 2 of the most Johnny Laurinaitis power to the people-esque mixtape in the history of goblins…

Pepper – “The Invite”

Mellow as anything with a resounding message:

Take action, make it happen,
what are you waiting for?
Too much talking, too much knocking,
Just kick down the door

T.I. – “Motivation”

I mean…it’s a shoe in from the self proclaimed “King”. Matter of fact if the crown fits, rock it…why not think yourself to success? It’s a 10 like Tye Dillinger.

King Los – “God Money War”

Man, going from “King of the South” to one of the most underrated but skilled rappers in the game…King Los. One line in this song has been on replay in mind and motivated me to make Big Show heavy changes to my life…

Climb the mountain top and wake your dreams up…

Go Baltimore

Wale – “The Motivation (Be Right)”

Did you really think I’d forget my Oath to include Wale on every mixtape? Gloomy days are going to come, no doubt…just keep pushing back because…well…life keeps moving and you have no choice not to. Live your life.

I wonder if Eric Young feels the same way…

Until next week…work that knee bar magic…



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