About Knee Bars

The Rolling Knee Bar has much mythos about it. No one man, woman, being, child or baby Einstein can quite pin point its’ origin. But one of several legends tells the tale of a nomad named Stoney, meeting a bun wearing monk (but not really a monk)….Dylan.

The two struck poses immediately and balked over each other’s knowledge of the art form known as….WRESTLING.

This is where things get good. Dylan and Stoney bickered and fought often over who was the best cruiserweight wrestler to whom read the most consecutive issues of Mosaic without falling asleep. Competition was FIERCE.

After an incident where Dylan was climbing a ladder (the step sort) and fell over, maybe not accidently, the two called a truce. They decided to join forces, to combine pop culturely Infamous Iron Man clad wills…

to form….


We truly hope you enjoy as this show is going to rock your life, no Dwayne Johnson.

Sorry Dylan,

Love Stoney

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